World Affairs Conference

North America's largest and Canada's oldest annual student-run current events conference.

#RollWAC March 6th 2024

Past Speakers

CK Hoffler's Headshot

CK Hoffler

CEO of The CK Hoffler Firm

Keynote Speaker
Martin Luther King III's Headshot

Martin Luther King III

American Human Rights Activist

Keynote Speaker
Edward Snowden's Headshot

Edward Snowden

Former NSA Consultant & Whistleblower

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Geoffrey Hinton's Headshot

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton

2018 recipient of the Turing Award for Computer Science

Keynote Speaker
Marc Garneau's Headshot

Marc Garneau

Former Canadian Astronaut

Plenary Speaker
Scott Galloway's Headshot

Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business

Keynote Speaker
Mehdi Hasan's Headshot

Mehdi Hasan

British-American Political Journalist, Broadcaster and Author

Keynote Speaker
John Stackhouse's Headshot

John Stackhouse

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail

Plenary Speaker
David Owen's Headshot

David Owen

Former British Foreign Secretary

Plenary Speaker
Dr. James Hansen's Headshot

Dr. James Hansen

"Father of climate change awareness"

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Sarah Gallagher's Headshot

Dr. Sarah Gallagher

Science Advisor to the Canadian Space Agency

Plenary Speaker

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